Barn weddings have become quite popular over the last couple years and we are absolutely thrilled. It is truly an amazing space to utilize for an utterly gorgeous and romantic evening. We've worked with several barn wedding spaces over the years, each offering a different experience. Some barns are built for weddings, and others are created from scratch for the simple purpose of true love. I am thinking of one wedding in particular - Branchville NJ's very own Rustic Barn Wedding. Let me take you on a tour and get inspired!

The couple wanted their wedding to be held in a local horse training ring. We mean it - it was a horse training ring before we go our hands on it. It had beautiful exposed wood beams, plenty of natural sunlight, and oh so much potential. We regret not taking before pictures because the end game was truly a masterpiece. We love that our clients saw potential in this. We quickly set to work to install wood flooring right over the dirt ground. 

The couple wanted to stay authentic in their endeavor for the perfect rustic barn wedding. We incorporated this by using horseshoes to hold escort cards, barn animals, and local artisans. We love how each piece of the wedding represented a natural state of country living. The imagination of the team was endless.

Burlap was used throughout the reception area to keep with the rustic theme. Table runners, silverware holders, and floral arrangements all incorporated elegant burlap. Hay bales were used during cocktail hour to display drinks for the guests. Each element was hand crafted to create this whimsical rustic theme. While taking in the finished product at the wedding, we were truly blown away by each detail. Nothing was left unpolished.

We were overjoyed to find that our client obsessed over details just as much as we do. They even provided their very own wagon to add to the rustic theme! We used suspended lanterns throughout the barn reception to create elegant rustic lighting. We found ourselves being pulled in every direction with the camera, each corner begging for their chance in the spotlight. 

Each item used for this rustic barn wedding was up-cycled to create a new life. A bench turned into a flower display, a classic wooden barrel used as a cake display, and many other items were repurposed in the name of love. It was all in the details for this one!

Each guest left this rustic wedding feeling as through they spent the evening in a fairytale. The couple's dreams of a rustic barn wedding came to life that day in every way they could have imagined. We were honored to work with such a beautiful couple and help them fulfill their dreams of the perfect rustic barn wedding. We are inspired for years to come.