The halfway mark of the year has come and passed, and although we still have a lot to look forward to in 2017, we thought it was time to look back and reflect on all the things we love from this year. Do I hear fabulous wedding trends? Yes, yes I do! Some years we expect certain things to get its chance to shine, and other times we are literally floored by the unique trends taking the spotlight, in a good way. We’ve complied some of our favorites from this year so far. We love the fact that most of these trends seem timeless, and we’d like to keep them in our back pockets forever. They’re that good.


One. Cake Cake Cake


Leave the fondant at the bakery this wedding season because we’ve got a new trend in town – translucent cakes! The naked cake peeks out from under delicately applied frosting, giving you an elegant look. We love this top wedding trend because it’s chic, classy, and whimsical. Instead of fondant flowers, incorporate fresh flowers into your wedding cake. This authentic route is perfect for rustic, fairytale, and chic weddings alike. Bonus: these photograph beautifully!


Two. Creative Invitations



Save the dates and invitations will be your guests first glimpse into your elegant wedding. Think outside the box and create something that will be sure to get everyone excited. These days most people dread the mail; it’s full of bills, offers, and coupons we’ll never use despite our good intentions. We love the idea of making the invitations interactive. Make sure you save a copy for yourself!


Three. Look Up


As wedding planners, we absolutely obsess over details. That being said, we love that this year overhead wedding décor is getting some serious attention. This is one of the best ways to achieve the ambiance you’re looking for during your special day. Overhead décor is extremely versatile; think Edison bulbs, floral arrangements, and greenery, anything you can imagine. It creates the ultimate romantic feels.


Four. Have a Blast

Incorporating classic backyard games into your wedding will certainly be a hit. Give your guests some time to enjoy the sunshine and get a little competitive during the reception. We love the adorable personalized corn hole! You may even consider doing games during cocktail hour. Either way, this 2017 wedding trend is right up our alley.


Five. Did Somebody Say Rosé? 


Oh rosé, we love drinking it, wearing it, decorating with it, all things rosé. We are so excited that this color scheme is all the rage in 2017. We will be the advocates for it to stay! Rosé is wonderful because it is truly the color of elegance. It goes great with all the neutrals of a rustic themed wedding, and will add to the romantic atmosphere. Flowers, linens, centerpieces, and any other aspect of your wedding will benefit from a pop of rosé.


Six. Foodie Food Trucks



Food trucks have been popular to the public for a few years now, so it was only a matter of time before people realized they would be a great addition at weddings. We think this is a unique idea for any outside wedding, especially for cocktail hour. Make each truck elegantly unique to the food they serve. Personalize them by adding your favorite foods, and don’t forget to dress them up! Foodies rejoice, food trucks are here to stay.