The Knot Guide To Destination Weddings
Roney, Carley/ Gregoli, Joann

"The Knot Guide to Destination Weddings"
Co-Author JoAnn Gregoli

The biggest trend to hit weddings in the past decade is the destination wedding. Whether on a Caribbean beach or in the Italian countryside, more and more couples throw their weddings far from home. The idea is an exciting one, but planning long distance can be complicated . . . .

In The Knot Guide to Destination Weddings, Carley Roney and JoAnn Gregoli break down the unique process of planning from afar—from deciding on your destination to whether or not you should fly in your officiant—and all the legal and practical considerations in between. Armed with a variety of experts on the subject, tips, and lessons from couples who have been through the experience, this book is jam-packed with checklists and practical, insightful advice from wedding people in-the-know.

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