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Welcoming your guests!

Welcome bags are a fun part of destination planning. You want to make a great first impression when your guests arrive at the location.

Greet your guests with items that are native to the region in which they are traveling to. 

Think about some of your favorite snacks that will make your friends and family think of you when they see them. Do you always reach for Salt & Vinegar chips? Consider throwing in a very "you" item. One of my favorites was when everyone knew the groom was really into Spider-Man - everyone received a Spider-Man comic book.

Start with the following items for your bags: 

  • Map of the region
  • Restaurant guide
  • Timeline of the weekend activities
  • Bottles of water
  • Salty snacks (chips, pretzels, popcorn, or nuts) 
  • Sweet snacks (chocolates, candy, or fruit) 

Want to get a little more creative? Consider:

  • The type of bag - tote bags, gift bags, old-school tin lunchboxes, gable boxes, etc.
  • Make the snack local! Find a local bakery that can package up some cookies or a favorite local taffy or candy!
  • Add a custom tag that matches your theme. 
  • Add an after party Hangover Kit filled with Advil, Alka Seltzer, Tums, eye drops, Emergen-C, tea bags, etc.
  • For planned group activities include some gear. For example, basic snorkeling equipment, sunscreen, and Aloe Vera. 
  • Use the welcome bag to add the wedding favor. We had a couple who took photos of every guest the first night. We put those photos in a special frame and added them to the welcome bags that night! 
  • Personalized towels, hats, or t-shirts are always fun to help continue the theme.