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Destination Wedding Planning Advice

Destination Wedding Planning Tips!

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You are now newly engaged and want to plan a destination wedding, here are some of my top 10 tips

1. Hire a wedding planner, who is familiar with destination weddings

2. Develop a guest list and budget for your guests to spend on the travel

3. Weather: research the weather patterns for the areas you are considering

4.  Ease of Access: make sure the resort or venue is easy to guests to travel to

5. Travel warnings and advisories: check out the State Department website for such warnings

6. Restrictions: ask about sound restrictions and end times for all events

7. Hire local talent for florals and music

8. Hire photographer from your own country, pictures are worth a 1000 words they are all the memories you have and great ones, make a world of difference

9. Rain Plan: know all the back up plans for each event,  have a plan A, B and C

10. Never, ever pack your gown or the grooms tux, always carry it on board. Airlines are notorious for losing items that we need the most. 

Relax and enjoy the experience ....its a once in a lifetime journey and you must take everything with a grain of salt or sand ....



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