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Is a Destination Wedding the right choice for you?

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Now that you are engaged, you have to ask yourself some thought provoking questions, the following ones will help you determine what is best for you:


1.  Are you a person who is relatively laid back: you must get used to the laid back response and attitude of island personnel

2. Am I OK, if key family members cannot attend: you will get lots of push back for those who cannot afford to attend. You have two options, proceed and host a party for them in the states or pay subsidies for the family members to attend

3. Am I OK with unpredictable weather patterns: even if the weather report says no rain, it can rain without any notice at all.

4. Are you OK with YES mentality: you will receive lots of lip service, but sometimes they just don't understand that you want the wedding to start on time, you are on ISLAND time.

5. Are you flexible: this is a must, you have to flexible to change, temperature, flowers that were not available or worse yet quarantined at the customs for bugs. (yes this does happen)

6. Are you OK with needy guests: word of advice, turn off your phone while on site and hire a point person to handle all the guests questions. 

7. Do you like paperwork? if you are legally getting married at the destination, be prepared for lots of paperwork. The process can be daunting and that is why most couples opt to get married legally in the US, prior to departure to avoid any issues with the legalities involved.

9. Are you OK with travel issue? From cancelled or delayed flights to poor weather conditions, the  travel aspect can be extremely frustrating. Word of advice, make sure all important people arrive 2 days before the scheduled event.  This is a must for your traveling vendors. Never , ever allow them to arrive the day of an event.

10. Be prepared for the unexpected and learn to roll with the punches. Remember the important of the day, you are there to marry the person you love - SHIT HAPPENS!!!

11. Don't sweat the small stuff, take time to GET A MASSAGE!! You will need it!


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