The cocktails and cuisine served at your wedding are key aspects. Why not combine nourishment with elegance on your big day? Your guests will be in awe of these summer wedding treats.

This DIY sangria bar is perfect for summer weddings. Guests can make their own concoctions, mixed with their favorite fruits, all in a much-loved mason jar. During cocktail hour offer liquor infused iced pops to keep guests cool. 

Consider bite-sized hors d’oeuvres that will be sure to impress. Cold soups, think gazpacho or strawberry soup, are perfect on hot summer wedding days. They’re easy to eat, keep your guests cool, and are delightfully elegant.

Ahh, fruit infused water. This is hands-down the simplest, chicest, most colorful way to keep your guest hydrated. Summertime weddings mean fresh summer fruit! Combine all the fruits you love for a rainbow mix, or separate them out. The flavor combinations are truly endless.

Cool down cocktail hour with these simple ideas that guests will rave about. Mini ice cream cones, or ice cream sandwiches, are a fan favorite. We love the idea of playing with flavor combinations, and colors, to make them unique. It’s also been a proven fact that people love food on a stick! This works perfectly for a summer wedding. Pick your favorite BBQ recipe, put it on a skewer, and enjoy.

Keep your summer wedding local with farm-to-table inspired cuisine. From the sangria to the mini ice cream cones fresh and local is always an option. The food is likely to be one of the most remembered aspects of your big day! Make it stand out.

All of these ideas combine character, elegance, and practicality. Each small detail of your summer wedding is important and ought be a reflection of your personality.